Personality Typing

Personality Typing

This interactive workshop examines the various traits, positive contributions, and negative issues that each personality type offers. A better understanding of each personality type assists in the successful assessment of each member of your team in order to be able to appreciate and leverage their particular skills as well as be able to communicate effectively with them…..thus helping them to reach their full potential and be a benefit to themselves and the entire team’s efforts.


Elements included in the workshop:

  • a short Personality determination exercise
  • Identification of each personality type
  • Description of traits, gifts, and drawbacks of each type
  • Description of each style type
  • Style flexing for each type.
  • Team Exercise: how they work together
  • Communication Exercise

This interactive workshop may be presented in combination with any other soft skills workshop elements to provide the most appropriate skills set for the participants. Furthermore, specific portions may also be extracted as necessary, again to customize the presentation.

Workshops can be delivered in-house or at a specified location to groups, or as personal coaching sessions,  in the Vancouver, B.C. area.  (Sandy is also willing to travel outside the Lower Mainland and BC if necessary.)

For more information, please go to my contact page and send a request.