Gender Differences in Communication

Gender Differences in Communication

This half day interactive workshop teaches the physiological reasons why men and women communicate differently. With an elementary understanding of brain chemistry, a clearer picture will emerge of how to improve those exchanges.                                                                         Male and female brains are not wired the same, our physiological make up is not the same, our chemistry is different and all these factors affect how we see and react to the world as well as how we communicate.  In order to have more successful outcomes in our exchanges with the opposite sex, understanding and actually appreciating these differences will greatly reduce conflict, disappointment, resentment, complaining and general miscommunication. Celebrate those differences, do not let them confound you!!


Elements included in the workshop:

  • Male & female communication styles
  • The Quiz
  • Male & female speaking styles
  • 3 R’s of effective communication
  • Readjustments
  • Tips for positive persuasive power
  • Summary


This interactive workshop may be presented in combination with any of the other soft skills workshop elements to provide the most appropriate skills set for the participants. Furthermore, specific portions may also be extracted as necessary, again to customize the presentation.

Workshops can be delivered in-house or at a specified location, to groups or as personal coaching sessions,  in the Vancouver, B.C. area.   (Sandy is also willing to travel outside of the Lower Mainland and BC if necessary.)

For more information, please go to my contact page and send a request.