5 Reasons Why Women Make Great Entrepreneurs

August 1, 2019 by  

If you have ever doubted your ability to start a business, I’m here to tell you that you absolutely can! As a woman, you have already got several built-in qualities that will help you in starting a business and running it successfully.

Here are some reasons:
1. You Know How to Multi-task
Sure, you read articles saying that multi-tasking is bad, but that doesn’t stop entrepreneurs from doing it every day out of necessity. In addition, answering the phone, balancing the business bank account, making coffee, and meeting with clients will be a breeze after everything you already manage in your household. It is nice to know that acting as your kids’ chauffeur, serving as the family chef, and being your own maid service can come in handy elsewhere!

2. You are a Fierce Negotiator
As mothers, we have all been there: it is bedtime, you are exhausted, and your child wants to stay up just 15 more minutes. Rather than creating World War III, you compromise with 10 more minutes, if he/she folds the laundry first. Any client who thinks he is going to take advantage of you has another thing coming because you are on top of this.

3. When You are Passionate About Something, You Work Harder
Whether it is putting together Halloween costumes for the family or building a business doing what you love, you have drive when it comes to your passions. That is a quintessential characteristic of all successful entrepreneurs. After all, when the going gets tough, you need the stamina to make it through, and if you are genuinely doing what you love, that won’t be an issue. Besides, think of how much fun you will have turning that passion into a viable business.

4. You are Not Afraid of a Little Hard Work
Don’t be scared off when people tell you how much time and energy it takes to start a business. Of course, it does! As the saying goes, anything worth doing is worth doing well. You wouldn’t leave the gym halfway through your workout, or half-cook a meal. Just like with anything you do, running a business takes effort, but that won’t throw you. You are used to hard work and have no trouble exerting the necessary effort to make things happen.

5. There is No Separation Between You and What You Do
I once heard the analogy that men’s brains are like oranges. They’re able to compartmentalize every part of their lives: work, home, and friends. But women’s brains are more like a tomato: everything’s kind of jumbled together. I say that is great, especially when you are building a brand and representing it yourself. Rather than leaving the office and shutting off your mind completely from your company, you will live and breathe that brand. In addition, that will show to your customers, who will admire you for it.

We are well past thinking that women can’t do things as well as men. But you as a female need to embrace your strength and realize that if you want to start a business, the only thing holding you back is YOU!

3 Keys to Building a Culture for Success

May 25, 2016 by  

The internal architecture of an organization is established and maintained by the leadership. They set the tone, and should exemplify the culture with their behavior and their attitudes.  If they “walk the walk” and not just “talk the talk” there is a far better chance that everyone will get on board with the program.

Successful, long lasting business do not happen overnight and require a consistent, committed leadership to light the way.

What does that mean?

It means that a culture for success requires a number of key issues to be incorporated into it in order to engage, challenge, encourage and support the employees.

How is that done?

  1. Providing ample autonomy to the employees so that they understand the roles and responsibilities of their position, but are also given the power to “run with the ball” when actually accomplishing their work. Yes, there are going to be parameters and time lines for any project, however there should be no need to micromanage every aspect of the project if the leadership has clearly articulated those requirements and trusts that the team assigned has the skills to accomplish the job. When one is empowered to do their work as they see fit, they feel supported and appreciated. If their accomplishments are acknowledged and they know just how they fit into the big picture of the organization it provides them with direction and can offer them enough challenge to keep them engaged.


 2. When employees are offered the opportunity to improve or update the skills they have as well as to increase or add new skills they feel valued. They also  realize that by expanding their abilities, new opportunities could open up for them and this demonstrates the company’s interest in seeing them be successful because they are making an investment in the employees. So whether they bring in experts for in-house training programs or send employees to teaching institutions for these upgrades, the results are going to be positive for everyone.


   3. When employees feel appreciated because their contributions have been acknowledged, supported because training has been offered, and encouraged because they have been given a good measure of autonomy in their jobs, they develop inner purpose and drive. Which means that they become self-starters who likely become more efficient, productive, and creative…..all of great benefit to their team and themselves. In addition, when employees are engaged and challenged, they are likely also happy. Happiness changes brain chemistry, improving function, which ultimately means fewer mistakes and an enhanced immune system. It also means higher performance, more efficiency and productivity. Finally, it usually means less sick time and less turnover…..all of which is positive for the company because those issues are very expensive.


Creating a culture for a successful, long lasting company does not require “rocket science”.   Instead, it takes commitment on the part of the leadership to establish a respectful, encouraging, supportive workplace.

Employees appreciate an organization that has developed an environment that fosters the approaches described above: autonomy toward the completion of their tasks, mastery of their current skills, as well as opportunities to expand of their skills, and acknowledgement of their contributions.  All of these elements will help to develop an inner purpose and motivation for innovation and good customer service due loyalty and happiness levels which will likely develop toward the employer.

Unfortunately, many companies seem to make money in spite of themselves rather than because of themselves, because the leadership has not developed and maintained a good culture in their organization. Even when you have good products or a unique niche, you have to realize that your most valuable and important asset is your people. Leaders must show appreciation, and support, as well as offer training and advancement opportunities to their employees that will help them to reach their true and full potential.  Financial success will be realized when you have happy, engaged, productive employees!

When this is the culture everyone wins!!!