8 Great Blogging Tips

July 19, 2016 by  

If you are a regular blogger, you will find these 8 tips beneficial if you sometimes find yourself struggling to find new topics to write about.

  1. Research Current Industry Issues: Many industry news sources can prove to be innovative resources for regular bloggers. You can explore what others in your industry are blogging about and see if any of those topics are in areas of your expertise or if they spark possible directions for a new piece. Consider what your followers may be looking for to help them be more successful in their work. Finally, be sure to include valuable, up to date tips, or suggestions that will be beneficial for your readers.
  2. Invite Colleagues & Friends to Participate as Guest Bloggers: You may now be a respected expert in your field; however, others may have truly valuable experiences that would broaden what you can offer to your readers. In addition, those contributions from other experts, could lighten your load and provide you with more time to research other material or take care of other business responsibilities. Finally, fresh, new perspectives will keep your blog interesting and attractive to your audience.
  3. Develop a Different Direction to a Topic from Someone Else’s Blog: Sometimes when I read the blogs of my favourite writers, it sets my creative juices flowing and a new idea arises that allows me to create a new blog using theirs as a “jumping off point” or even an opposing point of view
  4. Inspiration Can Come from Any Experience: Sometimes an idea can be stimulated from an everyday occurrence. In fact, when I exercise, I do a lot of “free thinking” and often something unique will pop into my mind. Sometimes, listening to music, viewing art, or even attending a play, can spark something new or even a new angle to an “old topic”. Don’t be afraid to be surprised and capitalize on something a bit unusual from time to time….it could garner new interest in your blog.
  5. Try Creating Unique Combinations of Some of Your Favourite Concepts: Sometimes putting two entirely different concepts together can result in an entirely new approach…..like some different ingredients in an old recipe. This new combination might prove to be valuable, unusual, and even clever, so again, do not be afraid to try something new and different to keep your audience interested in what you will write about next.
  6. Think KISS….keep it simple, stupid: Sometimes the most outstanding, ingenious pieces are the simplest ones. Sometimes just going back to basics can prove to be the best approach and more valuable of blogs. Consider developing a “how-to” article that clearly and simply explains exactly how to accomplish something that your followers might normally find to be complicated or convoluted. Don’t forget that some of your followers may know as much about your topics as you do, so you still need to take a unique approach even when getting back to the basics.
  7. Consider Topics You Have Written About Before: If like me, you have been blogging for a while, you likely have written about most of your areas of expertise already. Nonetheless, that does not mean that you cannot write on any of those topics again, this time expanding the material in a new direction or offering elements you have not shared in previous articles. There is always more you can expound upon in your various areas, and your readers will benefit from the new tips.
  8.  Include a Variety of Content Formats: A blog post doesn’t always just have to be text-based….you can add graphs, charts, pictures, etc., to better illustrate and reinforce your points in a more visual manner.  You can even introduce a short video or insert a mini slide deck.  In fact, some blogs I have seen are just short videos. The key is to be original and creative, as it can make blogs more interesting for your readers and more fun for you!

Remember….life is too short not to enjoy what you do, so share your passion in your posts, your readers will be the beneficiaries!



5 Reasons Why Blogging Is Beneficial

April 13, 2016 by  

Blogging has become the new “diary” for some people. It is a great way to record your ideas, experiences, and expertise.

Here are some 5 reasons to consider doing it regularly:
1. Blogging helps you to organize your thoughts in a concise and simple manner, especially if you are either offering tips to your followers. This is true because the best blogs are about 300-500 words.
2. Blogging is viewed as a way to increase the content of your website. So if you wish to keep adding great content this is one of the best ways to do it. This is supposed to help your Google analytics and drive viewers to your site. Therefore it could be good for your business.
3. Blogging is a way to stay in touch with your followers and business clients/customers….always a benefit to new and continued sales of products and services.
4. Blogging is a practical and efficient way to start organizing content if you are considering writing a book. I actually did this when I began preparing to write mine, and found it extremely beneficial as I progressed toward expanding the blogs into actual chapters in the book. In addition, it also helped me to weave the appropriate stories into the book to make it more interesting for the reader.
5. Finally, if your blog becomes very popular, you can even sell advertising spots on it and in that way monetize your blogging efforts.

In conclusion, if you have been contemplating the idea of beginning to blog, I can highly recommend it for the 5 reasons stated above. In addition, I dare say there are likely many more reasons which would also be of benefit to beginning to write. So why not give it a try….you might find you enjoy it!