The following testimonials for Sandy Chernoff were made by clients and colleagues:

Sandy is a charismatic instructor who gets the students involved & opens their minds to new possibilities & a greater understanding of themselves.

Jim Smyth,  Peter Thomson Centre for Venture Development, BCIT

Sandy has presented workshops for the Greater Vancouver Home Builder’s Assoc. and I have found her approach to be down-to-earth, interactive and interesting.  Her personality makes attendee feel comfortable and willing to participate. I would recommend Sandy to any organization looking for a soft skills workshop leader.

Wendy McNeil, V.P. Marketing & Education, GVHBA.

Sandy Chernoff is a true business professional.  She has a great deal of business experience and expertise.  With her knowledge, compassion and humour, she moves her clients to the next level with ease.  I would highly recommend any company or individual to use her services.

Deb Browne, President, Entrepreneurial Success Network (ESN)

Sandy is an interesting, funny, engaging, and passionate speaker when sharing her knowledge of soft skills.  I have been fortunate to experience some of her presentations, such as communication skills in the work place and problem resolution.  Each time I took away lots of information to put into practice in my professional and personal life. I highly recommend Sandy, you will not regret hiring her to help you improve communication, productivity, and morale in your workplace or as a personal coach.

Carmen Dives, Real Estate Agent, MacDonald Realty (Bowen Island & North Shore)

I enjoyed working with Sandy who was able to learn complex material quickly and provide excellent training results.  Even though Sandy had not led technical training programs before, she was quick study and I was able to rely heavily on her to deliver a demanding program.  She was always prepared, delivered great results & provided follow up to participant questions.  It was a pleasure working with Sandy.

Wayne Rawcliffe, President, Senga Consultants  

Sandy is an energetic, exuberant, and intelligent individual whom I had the pleasure of working with on a short training contract. She is caring and thoughtful and provides a stimulating learning environment.

Debbie Payne, Senior Principal Associate, DP Leadership Associates

Sandy conducted one-on-one training for an employee of our organization.   Improvements were noticed immediately and the individual became better skilled to do the job.

Sharon Bryan, Senior Director, Human Resources Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research

 Sandy is an energetic speaker/trainer with an in-depth knowledge of the legal environment.  The response to presentations & workshops has been consistently high.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Raf Sansalone, HR Manager, Borden Ladner Gervais

Ms. Sandy Chernoff is a committed, dynamic educator.  Her talent for instructional delivery exceeds normal expectations for instructors.  Sandy’s enthusiasm for learning is reflected in her seminars and presentations.  Anyone who has the opportunity to hear Sandy speak will receive a polished presentation that makes learning fun!  In addition, working with Sandy to generate new ideas to improve the Dental Hygiene curriculum was a true gift. A testimonial to her passion for Dental Hygiene.

Lynette Cramen,  G.D.H., R.D.H., M.A., former Program Coodinator, Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene

First of all, Sandy is one of the most giving and genuine individuals I have ever met.  Secondly she is very smart.  She knows us humans very, very well and what motivates us to do the crazy, silly, inexplicable things we do!  And she sets out to help us fix the “really stupid” ones.  All you have to do to know that Sandy is smart is to look at the companies she has trained…a “who’s who of Corporate Canada.  but to know how wonderful she is and how willing she is to help people, you have to meet her in person…which is what I’d recommend to every person who reads this.  Meet Sandy and have a coffee with her.  You will then, in an instant, recognize a) how smart she is and b) how giving of herself she is.

Neil Hamilton, Senior Property Advisor, MacDonald Realty Ltd.

Sandy is one of the most talented Instructors at BCIT . She has a natural and unique way to teach presentation techniques.”

Roya Bardshiry, Kitsilano Neighbourhood House front desk worker

Sandy is a great connection and an open networker and she always accepts invites. She is friendly and if you need help she will do everything to help you. I`m sure that you can make your business grow through her of her connections and you can also expand your network by connecting with her.

Aleksander Bolanovic, Warehouse Supervisor Healthcare

Sandy is a terrific business consultant. She helped me learn about how to network in Vancouver as I started my business. She provides great advice, has shared contacts and knows how business in Vancouver works. Working with her has been so useful and great fun.

Jim Peskin, Managing Director Keylingo Translations Vancouver

Sandy was introduced to me as “someone that you should make the time to sit down with”.  We discovered several mutual areas of interest; personally and professionally.   Sandy is adept at finding common ground and understanding how to link people together in her network.  She’s focused and clear with respect to her goals; which allows me to know how I can add value should I come across an opportunity to link her to someone in my network.  Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious.

Cheryl Anderson, Medical and Commercial Equipment Leasing Specialist providing leasing solutions to vendors and end users

Sandy is fun, smart, knowledgeable and a great conversationalist.  She meets people on an ongoing basis and attempts to create win-win situations for all.  I really wanted to get Sandy to join a previous company I was working with because she would have brought a higher level of professionalism to our group, but it was not to be.  We’ve maintained our ongoing friendship and share a number of opinions together.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you work with Sandy in some capacity.

Doug Anderson, Business Coach,  Franchise Expert, Winslow Certified, Business Mentor

I enjoy surrounding myself by superlative individuals of high intelligence.  I happen to Own an Exclusive & Private Network, PRIVE. I was very pleased to accept Sandy as an esteemed member.  She fits right in with the other high profile, exceptional and highly intelligent members.  She often contributes brilliant Blogs and participates in high level discussions I do not hesitate to recommend Sandy for anything she sets her mind to.

Stephie Pahlavi Zan, Goodwill Ambassador

I had the pleasure of attending few of Sandy’s Soft Skills seminars.  I find her to be a very dedicated professional with great sense of humour.  Her seminars are never boring because she is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and experienced in her teaching.  She gets her classmates to role-play and this leads to a very enjoyable seminar. You leave her seminar knowing that she has delivered her program very successfully. I strongly recommend anyone to have Sandy come in and present her Soft Skills seminar and I hope to work with her again in the near future.

Reshmi Naicker, Payroll & Benefits Administrator at Richards Buell Sutton LLP

I’ve had the pleasure to work on a project with Sandy recently and found her incredibly talented and goal oriented in making this project a success. Her dedication to success is paramount and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to increase their revenues or improve their life skills. Sandy is amazing.

Scott Berg, Managing Partner at Trade Exchange Canada

Sandy is a professional “soft skills” consultant. She helps people to listen and communicate better, and to achieve their goals faster. I first met Sandy at the MMS (Marketing Mastery Summit) in Vancouver, Dec.2011. She did a great presentation about networking. Then I made an appointment with Sandy. I was at a point in my business where I needed some advice and encouragement for the changes I plan to do in the next months. Sandy explored my business & plans based on one of her questionnaire. She graciously encouraged me and directed me to choose the best thing that fit me for my business. Since then I progressed on my affiliate & networking business. Thank you, Sandy! I warmly recommend you to anyone or any company that needs professional advice for their career or organization goals.

Lucian Mihailescu, owner, Lucian Web Service, member: Udemy Affiliate Program

Sandy is a fabulous speaker, dynamic and entertaining, and her material carries a valuable message for Dental Professionals and for interactions in every day life…..you would all benefit!

Melinda Ferguson-Robertson, Social Media Coordinator, Micrylium

Sandy led communications workshop at the 2014 informa conference. She was engaging and very helpful in explaining many key concepts foundational to any successful communication. She made good references to change management process and a need for different type of communications during change management. Her case studies presented were very relevant and thought provoking. Overall, it was my pleasure to meet Sandy (who is also an author of a “5 Secrets to Effective Communication” book) and to learn from vast pool of knowledge she has. I strongly recommended her workshop for anyone trying to train their staff on foundations of communications.

Jignesh Padia, Quality Improvement & Safety Projects Mgr. at Saskatchewan Cancer Agency

Sandy facilitated a workshop on Effective Communication….the Key to a Harmonious Workplace at the Developing Healthcare Risk Management conference 2014. Sandy provided a workshop that was perfectly customized for the audience and she ensured that her approach was energetic and humorous whilst remaining completely professional throughout. Sandy received fabulous delegate feedback across the board on all aspects of the workshop and as an event manager she was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Victoria Legomski, Event Manager at Informa – Healthcare Conferences

I connected with Sandy on LinkedIn through a group and soon had an offline conversation with her. She is an extremely experienced and giving individual who is committed to her work and in helping others with no expectations in return. In an increasingly competitive world this is highly uncommon.

Sai Bhupalam, Professional Life & Career Coach / Facilitator / Sales Trainer/Running Coach/Yoga Philosphy for “Attitude” Adjustment

Sandy has extensive experience working with groups to improve their level of emotional intelligence and teamwork. Sandy has a natural ability to intuitively lead a group in a workshop to discover their strengths and lead them to become more self aware of communication tools. Her Personality Differences workshop was very well received by our healthcare group. She made it a fun and valuable learning experience.

Nancy Smith, REALTOR ® at Sutton West Coast Realty Vancouver BC serving all lower mainland

Sandy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her role as a Soft Skills Consultant. She is a pleasure to work with and presents material in an articulate, engaging and fun manner. You can tell that she has found her calling.

Tracy McEvoy, Commercial real estate & self storage specialist. Focused on leadership, marketing, differentiation & design

Sandy is an amazing trainer and coach. I have witnessed her time and again adroitly show how individuals and teams are capable of improving their communication with their customers and themselves. Her wonderful humor and deep insights into what actually works best in real life application is encyclopedic. I can’t tell you all the times we’ve debriefed different scenarios and she’s shown me a new perspective or amplified a thought process for me. She’s a joy to work with and I’m grateful for our connection and the inspiration she is to me. Her soft skills training is a must have!

Phil Lower, Consultant Business Coach Sales Trainer Speaker Mentor Influence Advisor The Evans Group LLC & Paladin Business Coaching

I am the Organizer of the Vancouver Business Network Meetup. On January 14, 2014 Ms. Sandy Chernoff spoke eloquently and enthusiastically to my members. The title of her presentation was “Build amazing business relationships by listening actively.” Sandy totally engaged the audience with her stories and examples and the depth and breadth of her knowledge around communicating generally and listening specifically. She opened many eyes to the potential that can be realized by harnessing the power of active listening to improve our business and personal lives. My members simply loved her.

Roger Killen, Producer of amazing events

Sandy has strong communication and interpersonal skills and is a knowledgeable and effective trainer/speaker.

Nadean Burkett, Editor in Chief at Dental Equities LLC

Sandy is a great listener and is very generous with her knowledge and is always willing to share and support others. She gives with no expectation. She is a delight to spend time with.

Mia Weinberg, Artist & Consultant at Art Consulting Vancouver

The following are comments which were made by participants at various workshops conducted by Sandy Chernoff.

  • “Sandy was personable, warm, full of information, and approachable. I totally enjoyed the seminar and will definitely use the skills I’ve learned.”
  • “Sandy was an excellent speaker and teacher. Thanks for bringing this session to our firm, it was very valuable and I learned useful skills.”
  • “Everyone should take this seminar!”
  • “A very animated presenter who had many practical suggestions to practice in the workplace. Sandy used many examples from the other participants and her own experience to demonstrate the use of what she taught.”
  • “Excellent seminar! Should be mandatory for everyone! I would be interested in attending more sessions with Sandy.”
  • “I found Sandy to be lively and that made it easy to be interactive.”
  • “Sandy was a great speaker, she made everything relevant and practical!”
  • “Fabulous seminar! The perfect combination of education and entertainment. The topic was valuable and Sandy had the entire room hanging on her every word.”