e-Learning Courses

Development Coaching: 

  • We are coaches and trainers who excel at developing teams
  • This approach brings Awareness, Education, and Accountability to a team or organization
  • This approach focuses on a professional & personal development centered coaching system
  • This coaching approach revolves around the concept of frank and sincere coaching & on-going learning
  • Our coaching approach supports & encourages the talents and growth of all employees without being lenient on deficiencies
  • This particular platform includes an accountability piece that tests for the knowledge gain and retention from the on-line learning management system
  • E-learning provides a self-paced opportunity for the improvement of personal effectiveness
  • E-learning offers HR, Trainers, and Management accountability tools & maximized flexibility
  • This e-learning platform is proactive not reactive like most performance management models
  • E-learning is a cost efficient training and development platform for real-world communication skills

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Courses in Development from our Workshops:

  • Team Communications Collection – includes Gender Differences in Communication Set, Using Personality Typing in Communication Set, and Dealing Effectively with Millennials Set
  • Dealing Effectively with Millennials Set
  • Enhanced Service for Increased ROI Set
  • Results Oriented Meetings Set
  • Stress Management Set…”the Key to Success or the Road to Disaster”
  • Group Process Set
  • Successful Strategies for Effective Presentations Set
  • Team Building Set
  • Transitioning – Adapting to Change Set
  • Effective Leadership Set
  • Building & Maintaining the High Performance Team Set
  • Train the Trainer Set
  • Assertive Confidence Building Set
  • Building a Culture for Success Set
  • Motivation & Communication Set
  • Strategies for the Successful Interview Set
  • Networking Set for Business Success
  • Memory Set– How to Enhance It