5 Secrets to Effective Communication - Sandy ChernoffI’m excited to offer my  book, “5 Secrets to Effective Communication” for sale! This book was written as a handbook to demystify the complexities of communication and provide the reader with strategies and tools to allow them to communicate with clarity, impact, and influence in all their relationships. Purchase it online for only $19.99  plus shipping & handling.

Sandy Chernoff knows that communication is the foundation of successful professional relationships.  In her book, she shares invaluable information that can help all professionals become better communicators and open doors to opportunities that once looked impossible.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to have better relationships and communicate more effectively.            Iman Aghay, Founder of Success Road Academy & Vancouver Business Network

This book is pure, Sandy: clear, concise, engaging, and memorable in a very practical way.  Sandy brings communication concepts to life using stories that will ring true to anyone.  Most importantly, the lessons in this book will work in every relationship we have; business, family, social.  Practice and apply, immediately!  Marilyn Anderson, Market Research and Communications

I have met Sandy a few times and know her to be someone who walks her talk.  This book is a must-read for anyone in any industry.  Whether you are an entrepreneur, professional, or employee, you will benefit from the simple techniques in this book because such crucial “soft skills” are never taught in school.  Communication dictates your future, and now you have the tools to take you where you want your future to be. ” – Susanna Chow, Lawyer

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