Train the Trainer….what are the keys to being effective?

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Just because one knows how to do something does necessarily mean that we can teach it to someone else effectively. Let’s take a look at what would elements would be beneficial to become a successful teacher/mentor.

Education includes the activities of educating, instructing or imparting knowledge or skill.
If one is to be able to deliver training to others in a meaningful manner the first aspect that needs to be fully understood is how people learn. Most individuals are not verbal learners…rather they are visual or hands on learners. This must be taken into consideration when explaining concepts. You may have a clear picture in your mind of what you are talking about, however, the students may not have that visual without appropriate examples, pictures or extremely descriptive explanations. In fact the highest learning occurs when one is teaching someone else….so the more interactive teaching techniques you employ, the more retentive the learning will be.

Here are a few key elements to remember:

-Adults learn when they see a need
-Adults learn best when actively involved in their learning process
-Adults learn by trying things out (hands on learning)
Teach in small doses (less is more and it will be better remembered if you have not overwhelmed the learner with too much information at once)

More about learning:
Learning is multi-sensory, the more senses become involved, the better chance you have that they will keep the information presented (tell stories, give anecdotal examples of situations which illustrate your points)

Understanding has 3 levels: recognition or comprehension, recall (feedback & testing reinforces the material), & judgment (material can be applied in the appropriate situations)

We retain more if we have an existing base of knowledge in this field (meaning one can build on what we already know)
Get feedback (lets the instructor know that “aha” moments have occurred)

We retain approximately 10-15% of what we hear, but we retain almost 90% of what we say and do.  Make the learning experience as interactive as possible and have the students themselves come up with as much of the concept as they can; before adding your own pieces.

Finally: if you have fun teaching, your students will enjoy their learning experience and this will also help them to remember what they have been taught.


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