Time Management Made Simple

January 24, 2012 by  

Time Management is actually a misnomer as you do not control the clock but you do control the energy and enthusiasm with which you manage that precious resource so use it wisely!

Here are some tips for achieving better self management:
1. Clear your desk….it is most distracting and difficult to work effectively on a cluttered desk. That includes your in box and filing systems….so purge those often and set up processes that help you to keep documents and messages you need in easy to find places.

2. Write down your goals and make them Specific, Achievable, Realistic and Time Limited. When achieved, reward yourself! In addition, if the goal does not have enough meaning and excitement for you, you will likely have trouble executing the steps necessary to accomplish it….be sure it matters!

3. Mutli-tasking is a myth….it takes your brain 15-20 minutes to align the necessary neurons to allow you to perform the selected task at a high level of performance. Every time you are distracted you lose a percentage of neurons to the new task and so are less able to do either job well. (Women are better at it than men, however it is actually better to do one thing at a time.)

4. Schedule email and phone calls so that you can concentrate on specific projects without interruptions for 1-2 hour time blocks. You will get more done and with fewer mistakes. Caution: do take breaks to “clear” your head, re-energize your brain (a walk is good) and hydrate and nourish your body….you will perform at a higher level if you take care of yourself!

5. Procrastination, one of time management‘s biggest stumbling blocks, is a result of fear of failure, not knowing where to begin, inadequate resources, feeling overwhelmed, or having no passion for this particular job…..so address those issues with delegation, clear deadlines, and maybe some friendly and helpful advice from a trusted friend; and you will be able to overcome your procrastination.

6. In order to remember what you have to do…make lists, prioritize the lists, and keep them short so that you can finish the list. You will be more motivated to achieve your daily goals if they are reasonable!

Remember…Time is of the essence so make the most of your time!


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