Time Management….a Misnomer??

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This is question that you may want to ask yourself if you find time management and organizational skills a challenge.

Here are a few definitions to consider:

1. Time management is the development of processes and tools that increase a person’s time-efficiency.
2. Time management is the ability to manage and control time. The use of planners, calendars, and the like are effective tools in managing time. Implementing a routine is a method of scheduling actions, which enforce a regiment to fit with a person’s flow of work and production activities.
3. Time Management teaches a number of techniques that aim to increase the effectiveness of a person in getting the things done that need to be done. Time management is somewhat of a misnomer as time passes without regard to what we do; the only thing we can manage is ourselves. Hence time management is mostly about self- management.

If you are going to be successful at this you must employ some structures that make sense and allow you to organize your daily routine in a prioritized, somewhat flexible manner that allows you to accomplish those tasks that will move you faster toward your goals while make both efficient and productive use of your time.
People who manage their time poorly create unnecessary stress for themselves and others, get less done, and hurt their chances for success. Therefore, those who manage time effectively, work smarter and are more valuable to their organization.

So where should you begin?
The first step you may want to take is to begin by making a commitment to start this process. Next you will need to analyze your schedule and determine what you need to retain, what you can eliminate, and possibly what you can delegate. Now you can set some weekly, monthly and yearly goals.
Your next step is to compose a prioritized list of tasks with appropriate, attainable time lines for them.
At this point you may want to explore the factors that prevent you from getting organized or following through on the items on your list in a timely fashion. In other words, what sort of time wasters turn you into a procrastinator or leaves you in crisis situations. One those are identified you will have a better chance for eliminating them and being able to fulfill your urgent and important tasks which will move you more quickly and easily toward accomplishing your goals.
If you begin spending 80% of your time on the critical issues and only 20% of your time on the other issues, you will find that your effectiveness increases dramatically!

Here is how to do that:
- Start making those important tasks more urgent by setting deadlines for them, and scheduling them into your day.
 -Deal with those important tasks even if they are not yet urgent.
- When dealing with an “urgent” request, take time to consider your response.
 -Well thought out solutions are usually better than impulsive reactions.

Don’t let others “steal” time, learn to say “no” when you must, and do not feel guilty about it. Do it now! Use small blocks of time constructively. Keep your desk clear. Use one calendar and sync your electronic devices to it to avoid conflicts and keep you abreast of your appointments and deadlines. Don’t get bogged down, take breaks or seek assistance as necessary. Try to control the time wasters that you can.

Remember: Time is of the essence so be sure to make the most of yours!
If you do that you will not feel like this: God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things, right now I am so far behind I feel like I can never die!!!
If you commit to managing yourself more effectively you will be less stressed, more productive, efficient, creative and happy and, you will be much more likely to achieve whatever you set out to do!


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