Key Ways to Combat Workplace Stress

June 2, 2013 by  

All of us experience stress at work, it is usually beyond our control unless we adopt the right attitude toward dealing what comes our way.

Here are 7 ways to deflect and prevent stressors:
1. Use open and honest communication with your colleagues…this will ensure less conflict, more trust, respect and rapport. Ultimately it will spawn a higher happiness factor which will result in increased efficiency, productivity and creativity.
2. Espouse a positive attitude…it is only thing that we have total control over and if you face the day with a positive outlook you will be able to better deal with whatever challenges you face with the expectation of resolving it successfully.
3. Be accepting and non-judgmental of others….it is part of being honest and respectful and builds better relationships and more win/win outcomes in difficult situations if we can understand another’s perspective on any given issue.
4. Employ effective time management, organizational skills and realistic goal setting in your daily tasks. A person who can prioritize well, use blocks of time efficiently and keep to expected time lines will be a valuable asset to the team.
5. Use mistakes, yours and others, as opportunities to learn. We are all human so we sometimes make poor decisions….as long as we repair the damage effectively and devise future strategies to prevent the repetition of the error, we should be fine with imperfections.
6. Be accountable for all that you do. Taking responsibility for one’s actions is essential for building trust and reliability among team members…when people know they can trust you to follow through stress will be greatly reduced.
7. Enjoy a healthy, appreciative, interested approach to your job. The more challenged we feel, the more acknowledged, supported and respected we are, the deeper our commitment to purpose and the fuller will be the satisfaction we will receive from our work.

If we practice these elements of behaviour and attitude our lives will be enriched and much less stressful.
Remember...stress is different things to different people, if we can employ behaviours that bring on fewer complications in any situation we will all experience less stress and more happiness in our workplace.


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