Are You Creating Barriers to Effective Communication?

September 30, 2013 by  

Sometimes, without realizing it, one might be creating barriers to effective communication by making assumptions, being sarcastic or joking when someone is serious about an issue. In order to be a good communicator, especially if you are in a supervisory or leadership position, you must become aware of the barrers that can prevent clarity and happy outcomes.

Here are 6 common barriers that should be avoided:

1.Differing expectations: if we are not on the same page we cannot achieve a common goal.
2.Assumptions: we all know what assume means
3.Sarcasm: no one wants to deal with sarcasm when they are trying to discuss a problem.
4.Kidding: no one wants to hear jokes when they are trying to discuss a serious issue.
5.That ain’t my job syndrome: this is not effective team behaviour or attitude.  It certainly does not emulate teamwork.
6.Insufficient feedback: when we do not know how we are doing we are likely to assume everything is okay, constructive criticism and encouraging praise are the most prized rewards an employee can receive. Money is rarely the reason people leave a job, nor is it what will keep them.  Rather feeling appreciated, respected and empowered will engender purpose and loyalty toward an organization.

Job satisfaction is the key!
The way a person acts speaks so loudly that you will not hear what they are saying!


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