The Communication Handbook

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Clear communication is such an important skill in every aspect of life that I decided to write a book about the 5 Secrets to Effective Communication….how to build strong relationships at work, at home and at play.
The book offers strategies for 5 elements of communication. A description of Effective Communication sets the stage in chapter one.

Active Listening; the key communication skill is the second chapter.

Accountability; the personal empowerment through problem solving skill comprises chapter three.

Assertiveness; knowing what you want and asking for it in an honest and respectful manner is the subject of chapter four.

Gender Differences in Communication; how men and women communicate in very different ways, is explored in chapter five.

Personality Typing; knowing with whom we are having an exchange so that we can flex our communication style to be impactful is described in chapter six.

Finally, I offer a summary of what is covered and challenge the reader to begin employing these most valuable skills in their daily lives so that you can reduce the conflict in your life, increase the productivity, the efficiency and the creativity, as well as enhance the happiness factor in all that you do. If you do this you will enjoy much more success in everything all your experiences.

When the book is published, it will be made available on this site….if this interests you…keep an eye on Soft Skills for Success.


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