7 Things You Must Do to Get Your Emails Read

May 24, 2020 by  

How many emails do you get a day? A week? And I bet you have at least 2 email accounts, business and personal. And of course; Facebook messaging, IM, iMessage. You probably feel like a great big inbox. I certainly do! So with these kinds of odds to get your message noticed, it is amazing that we read anything, especially ones trying to sell us something. There are things you can do to get through the clutter.

1. Make it relevant – Relevance is the key. This opens a whole lot of opportunities as relevance is something you can only determine if you
a) know your customer and
b) can target your email campaigns.
Also, relevance can be increased with personalization and not just about the recipient. If your customer knows you then send it from you. We all like to feel special which is so much better than To Whom it may Concern… From This Great Big Company.

2. Know your customer – If you aren’t doing ongoing customer insight research, you can’t know your customers. Remember you are not your customer nor are your employees. Reach out to customers frequently. Ask them to rate your offer, product, service, and communications. Analyze your customer results to identify trends such as is a particular group that always open the email X? Another group that seems to like email Y? Identify them and send out the emails they want not the others!

3. Segment – not all customers are the same so your email list should not be one “catch-all”. Identify and segment different customers even if it is just geographic and tenure to start. The research you will be doing will add to this. Then make sure you take into account their preferences.

4. Don’t use SPAM hot words such as spam algorithms and hot-word lists which are always changing so make sure you are testing your subject lines and content against spam guidelines. Your email service provider can help you keep current! You may be unknowingly using words or phrases that are flagging you! Don’t get complacent either. If it worked last year, it may not work this year.

5. Use a reputable Email Service Provider – in this instance size can matter. The large email service providers have direct relationships with many of the ISP’s so have the ability to fix incorrect spam flags quickly. Plus, they offer superior data analytics tools, training, and knowledge! Check out Mail Chimps reporting on Email Marketing Stats. It has become the standard for many marketers! Remember, your email won’t be read if it is sitting in spam or worse, not delivered at all!

6. Keep it short. Remember the goal is action and emails should give just enough information to get a customer to act, call, click or buy and nothing more. If your offer is complex, simplify it. If you have lots of relevant info, let them find it online if interested. Make it easy for them to skim and see if they want to act not wade through a novel to figure out your point!

7. Send it late evening or night. Why is this important? Being one of the first emails of the morning (or during that 3 am sleepless night session) just gets better results. Again, this shows the importance of working with an email provider that has auto-scheduling, and the servers to allow for a quick send even if your list is HUGE. The worst time? Noon or early afternoon. Check out Mailer/Mailer’s email open rate report for the details.

If you follow these 7 tips you will likely have more openings from your customers so more success for your business.


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