6 Strategies for Employee Empowerment in Organizations

September 5, 2014 by  

Employee empowerment is a means by which individuals are given the authority to analyze situations autonomously and take proactive decisions. This instills a sense of ownership towards the company in the employees. This attitude of the employees can go a long way in driving the business forward.

Here are six means of empowering employees in a workplace.
1. Provide the right skill set for the job: Employees cannot effectively complete assigned tasks if they do not have the necessary skills. It is vital for an organization to assess the gaps between the current and required skills. Training must be provided to employees to improve and increase their skills. Therefore, if you want an empowered workforce, employees need to be offered appropriate training.
2. Grant sufficient autonomy: The second means for empowerment of employees is to provide them with adequate authority to decide on how to complete their tasks. They need to be given allowed to complete their assignments in any manner they choose; as long as it complies with the parameters and time lines set by the organization.
3. Clearly articulate the scope of individual’s job: It is paramount that employees have a clear idea of how their role fits into the overall scheme of the organization. When this is shared in a meaningful manner, it empowers them with the broader perspective of the organization’s overall mission, vision, goals and strategic plans.
4. Provide adequate information and resources: Employees must have access to all the information they require in order to make informed and appropriate decisions and be able to problem solve issues. Therefore supplying information and allocating the necessary resources empowers the employees to perform their responsibilities to the best of their abilities.
5. Build employee’s confidence: When employees have been given autonomy and offered the opportunity to improve and increase their skills; they will feel valued, supported, and appreciated. When one feels this way it increases their confidence which will in turn increase their performance levels because they now believe they have the ability to achieve success. The various ways to boost employees’ confidence include:
a) Providing growth opportunities to the employees by giving them more challenging tasks. This demonstrates that you value your employees and their personal development.
b) Exhibiting greater trust and support in the employee’s ability to accomplish a work assignment by not micro-managing their tasks.
c) Encouraging cross-learning so that employees benefit from each other’s skills and knowledge. This can also increase productivity if people are absent.
d) Acknowledging and rewarding the employees for their accomplishments.
6. Guide with positive feedback: Providing positive feedback for tasks done well and guiding employees about best practices, gives encouragement to the employees. When employees feel appreciated, performance improves and creativity is enhanced.

Managing a large workforce is a daunting task. However, with empowered employees, it becomes easier as when they feel supported and acknowledged they develop purpose to do well for an organization that has a culture of respect and appreciation for what is accomplished by its membership.


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