6 Principles of Millennial Management

November 15, 2014 by  

What do today’s young employees want?

If we’re designing recruiting programs and management systems based on their values and needs, how do we proceed?
What kind of work environments attracts, retains, and motivates Millennial co-workers?

Here are their six most frequent requests:

1. You be the leader. This generation has grown up with structure and supervision and with parents who were role models. The You be the parent TV commercials are right on, parents are too permissive and lauditory so expectations tend to be unrealistic.  That is also why they prefer to have more support when leaning new things, at least until they feel more confident in what they are doing.  Millennials are looking for leaders with honesty and integrity, that is their expectation.  It is not that they don’t want to be leaders themselves, it is just they would like to have some great role models to emulate first.

2.Challenge me. Millennials want learning opportunities.   They want to be assigned to projects from which they can learn.  A recent employee survey found that trying new things was the most popular activity for Millennials because they are looking for growth, development, and a career path with opportunities.

3.Let me work with friends. Millennials say they want to work with people they relate to. They like being friends with their co-workers.  Employers who provide for the social aspects of work will find those efforts well rewarded by this newest cohort.  Some companies are even interviewing and hiring groups of friends so that they can form their own work teams.

3.Let’s have fun. A little humor, a bit of silliness, even a little irreverence will make your work environment more attractive to this group of young people.

4.Respect me. Treat our ideas and our efforts respectfully, they ask, even though we haven’t been around a long time.  Their expectations are different from previous generations.

5.Be flexible. The busiest generation ever isn’t going to give up its activities just because of jobs. A rigid schedule is a sure-fire way to lose your Millennial employees as they thrive on and expect a good work/balance in their lives…not necessarily a bad thing.

This is our new employment pool so if we are going to be able to leverage their talents we need to be aware of their needs and expectations so that we can attract them to our businesses and keep them long enough for the benefits to kick in!  Ultimately this will be an education for both sides….they need to learn more about the “real world” and we need to be more flexible and understanding of their gifts and shortcomings.




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