6 Keys to Improving your Presentations

June 19, 2013 by  

Here are 6 impactful techniques to make your presentations more effective.
1. Smile….this makes you look confident and happy and helps to establish trust with your audience. Make your smile true, use your eyes and your mouth!
2. Create meaningful visuals….our brain remembers images more vividly than text, so choose reinforcing images to support your words.
3. Energize your voice……flat, passionless speech is boring and hard to focus on, if you infuse your voice with emotion and animation your audience will remain more fully engaged in your delivery….you will be more interesting!
4. Involve your audience…..we retain almost 90% of what we say and do, your listeners want to be active participants in their learning experience and if they are they will be able to pay attention and retain what they learn.
5. Enjoy yourself…..if you are not having fun how can you expect your audience to be enjoying themselves. If you are well prepared you should be able to revel in presenting material that you understand, appreciate and value.
6. Tell stories…..be sure they are relevant and meaningful, people love stories and will remember them and the concept you are illustrating.

The results for you from the implementation of these 6 key issues will be greatly increased confidence, competence, and delivery power. You will be more relaxed and natural and this will be reflected in your audience and their take- aways. Public speaking should be fun…practice these elements and you will definitely experience more enjoyment when you make a presentation. Plus you will be more appreciated by your audience!


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