6 Keys to Gaining the Trust & Respect of a Prospect

January 4, 2014 by  

In today’s extremely competitive business world it is becoming more and more difficult to stand out from the crowd and gain new prospects. However, there are a number of strategies you can employ to achieve this and start increasing your sales.

1  Do your homework
Before you pick up the telephone, spend a few minutes researching the company or individual you are calling. No need to spend hours on this, simply find out enough so that you can speak intelligently about their possible issues.
2  Be punctual
Never be late! If you say you will call someone at 2:30 make sure you do so. Allow plenty of time for travel when meeting face-to-face with a prospect. You never know what you might find on the roads that could delay your arrival. Key decision makers are too busy to wait so be on time, it is a small thing but very important. Also, reconfirm the length of the meeting as decided.
3  Get to the point
Don’t waste a lot of time on small talk or social chit-chat unless your prospect initiates this type of conversation. Instead, get to the reason for the meeting. Your prospect will respect you and you will stand out from your competition.
4  Recap
Just before you launch into your sales presentation, recap your understanding of your prospect’s situation, problems or concerns. This short summary demonstrates that you have a handle on their issues and immediately engages them. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to modify the presentation if your prospect’s situation has changed since your last conversation.  So listen carefully to what they have to say in case this will be necessary.
5  Focus on them
Rather than speaking about your company, client list, products and services, how long you have been in business or anything else that focuses the spotlight on you and your company, concentrate instead on showing your prospect how your product or services will help them and/or their organization. Prospects are not interested in hearing about you; they want to know how you can provide them with a solution to their current problem. So make sure this is the focus of your presentation and you will be more likely to make the sale.
6  Don’t overstay your welcome
Unfortunately, many sales calls and meetings run late which disrupts the decision makers already very full schedule. Just because you have 60 minutes allotted for your meeting does not mean you have to use it all. You will impress a prospect by wrapping up early and giving them a few minutes of free time

These six elements will help you gain the trust and respect necessary to help you complete more sales.


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