6 Keys to an Effective Team

April 6, 2013 by  

Certainly forward looking, honest, competent, intelligent, and inspiring leadership are most important for an effective team. In addition the following elements would greatly contribute to the accomplishment of common goals with efficiency and harmony.

1. Open Communication: an environment conducive to collaborative approaches is essential to the establishment of trust, respect and rapport among team members. The leader sets the tone, however when everyone buys into this process conflict is reduced, productivity is increased and the happiness factor is enhanced for the entire team.
2. Clear Goals: give a team purpose. Working together to reach those goals provides a synergism toward high achievement.
3. Recognition: is the imperative to a satisfied team. Happiness in the workplace increases productivity, creates prides, and fosters high performance.
4. Decision Making Process: the leader must facilitate the process with focus, decisiveness, and motivation. Time lines need to be included, as well as specific assignments of responsibility.
5. Roles & Responsibilities: success will be determined by the skills set provided by the team members, so choosing the right people for the team is essential to accomplishing the desired outcomes.
6. Expectations: together, the leader and the team must outline the procedures, rules, structures and systems necessary for the team to benefit from the combined efforts of everyone’s skills. Everyone deserves to be heard and all approaches should be respectfully considered, supported and acknowledged.

Building and managing a team is a difficult job. Without support from everyone, especially the Leader, the team is likely to fail.


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