5 Tips for Successful Sales

February 12, 2013 by  

People hate to be sold, but they love to buy….so if you are going to be a good sales person, your focus needs to be on the customer and their needs, not on you and your monthly sales goals. Doing one’s homework before the meeting is the key starting point before facing a prospective buyer who is looking for solutions or something to wow their business.

1. Get to the point: Keep it simple!! No one has time to waste, so come into the appointment with a clear idea of what approach you will use to solve the customer’s problem and to show them you have looked into their business requirements.
2. Avoid jargon: Always use language that is clear, universally understandable and appropriate. No one wants to feel they do not comprehend your explanation.
3. Be able to create pictures: You may not always be able to meet your customer in person, the better you are at verbally painting a picture of your products or services, the more likely the prospective client will be able to see the benefits.
4. Demonstrate curiosity: The more you listen and ask questions, the more you will discover about the needs and issues of your prospect. No one likes to be told what to do, but assistance in the resolution of situations they are facing will always be welcome.
5. Be sure your solution matters: Be sure that the description of your products or services illustrates to the customer how they will reduce costs, stand out from their competitors, increase efficiency and productivity, and/or decrease maintenance issues. Such attributes will always be interesting and attractive to a business owner as it affects their bottom line and may even enhance the happiness factor of the employees by reducing frustration and amplifying achievement of company goals.

Successful Sales follow a road map…keep on track and guide your customer effectively along toward the same destination, pointing out important sights along the way and answering questions to keep them interested and satisfied…you will both be happy when you arrive together!


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