5 Tips for When Managers Make Mistakes

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When an effective manager makes an ineffective decision, he/she must learn from that mistake and move forward. We are human so will make mistakes, they are opportunities to learn and must be treated as such!


Here are five good choices to help you get back up on the horse after a bad choice has been made:
1. Accept Responsibility
Don’t try to blame anyone else for your mistake. Effective leaders willingly accept personal responsibility with class. Team leaders, whose team members may have erred, still take responsibility for their team after they have examined what when wrong, how to fix it and how to avoid repeating it….they learned from that experience.
2. Apologize and Explain
Once you acknowledge the mistake, bad judgment, or poor choice, apologize and explain your actions. An explanation is not an excuse, but rather a setting forth of the series of events leading up to your sincere apology. It is important to admit your mistakes and to let everyone know how you are moving past the issue. People understand that you can’t change the past, so even if they are upset with you for a while, they will recognize your integrity and willingness to be accountable.
3. Take the Lessons Learned to Heart
Once you have rectified the error you made as best as possible, tread lightly and carefully when considering your next steps. The important thing to remember is what went wrong and what other choices you have to exercise in a future similar situation. Make the best choice possible and, if it also fails, explore other options to rectify the outcome. Again, these can be teaching moments for everyone involved.
4. Keep Going
Make the best of a bad situation and push forward. Put the bad decision in perspective in the context of the whole. Keep making good decisions, and ultimately people will forget the bad ones.
5. Focus on the Present
Learn from the past and don’t dwell on it. There’s nothing you can do about it now, so focus on the present and move on.
The only people who never make bad decisions are those who make no decisions at all. Every great event in human history involved someone taking a risk, and the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. When you do make a mistake, handle it with dignity, take responsibility, and learn from what happened. Then, keep taking those calculated risks….that is how we gain new knowledge and make discoveries.

Remember, we would not have electricity, airplanes or the technological devices we have today if those inventors had not been curious and brave enough to overcome all their mistakes, learn from them and keep trying other approaches.


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