5 Tips for Creating a Team Building Culture

November 29, 2013 by  

Creating a team-building culture starts with individual, engaged employees. Engaged employees are happier at work, get more done, and routinely go above and beyond their job descriptions. They also encourage other employees to be more engaged and creative. Most importantly, these employees are proud to be a part of their companies and are likely to stay long-term. There is no one simple set of actions that will create increased engagement levels. You need to identify opportunities, simplify solutions, take action, and hold people accountable for following through with the policies you establish.

In order to create an atmosphere that fosters engagement:
Evaluate the employee: communicate with the employee to identify: What can be improved? What he or she needs? What can be adjusted? What should we start or stop doing?
Evaluate the leader: identify the leadership skills that are most effective for engaging employees. Seek feedback about each leader from his or her boss, peers and direct reports. Align the leader‘s behaviors and leadership skills to the expectations of the organization. Then, close leadership gaps through on the job performance, feedback and coaching.
Evaluate the team:  Each team member brings something unique to the team. It’s important for managers to understand the individual talents of each member and understand how those skill sets interact. Once interaction patterns are clear, it is easier to make adjustments to the current work environment. How the team works together directly affects the productivity of the company. With an overall understanding of where strengths and weaknesses vary, managers are now able to make appropriate adjustments in order to maximize efficiency and leverage the specific talents of each team member.
Create a culture that values engagement – A company’s culture is the unique personality of that company: core values, ethics, and rules that guide behavior. Communicating a clear vision of the future is crucial. Engaged employees require a work culture that is fundamentally stimulating, where they feel appreciated, respected and supported.
Teamwork is rewarded and recognized:  While individual achievements are great, collaborative ideas and practices are what create a team-building culture. Encourage team members to work together to come up with the very best ideas, and reward them when they do.

A company’s brand creates customer loyalty. When one enhances existing processes with the use of predicative performance patterns and job matching, and then empowers managers to use this data, those practices will accelerate performance and build employee brand loyalty. It is also important to remember that team building is not just an activity done once a month. It is something that needs to be a daily part of your organization’s culture.


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