5 Strategies for Successful Sales

January 10, 2019 by  

Making a sale should be easy, especially when you have the right product or service. However, many people make it more complicated than necessary so lose the prospective client in the process. First of all, you must do your homework and determine what the prospect actually needs and then in your “pitch” focus on how your service or product is going to make their life easier or their business more successful.

Here five “make it happen” steps to get the green light rather than be rejected:

1. Cut to the chase.
A good salesperson doesn’t waste time with long anecdotal introductions. Rather you need to start describing the product attributes that will resonate with the prospect right away. For example, if you have determined that this prospect will benefit from your product or service, be sure to demonstrate the benefits right off the top and begin by saying that you understand whatever it is that they do and here is how our product or service will enhance your productivity or outcomes. Never waste the prospect’s time with unnecessary information that they will not relate to because they will tune you out and you will not be able to close the sale.

2. Skip the industry jargon.
Whether your product or service is technical in nature or not, be sure to use language that the prospect understands so that they will see right away why they should consider what you are offering to them. If you get into a long-winded technical explanation, again you will likely lose them as their interest will wane and again, you will not likely be able to close the sale.

3. Paint a picture.
Sometimes we do not get to meet the new prospect face to face. In that situation, you need to be able to describe your product or service in a way that they can clearly picture how the features you are offering them will enhance their business processes and outcomes. If you can send them something via email, maybe before the talk, that might also be helpful. However, again, it should not be anything lengthy as they will not likely read it if it is not short and to the point. Even if you are fortunate enough to arrange a face to face meeting, being able to demonstrate just how your product or service will be of great benefit to this new prospect will go a long way toward you being able to close the sale.

4. Be truly interested in the prospect.
When you speak to a new potential customer, concentrate on finding out about the customer and their business instead of just making your pitch. Ask open-ended questions and listen very carefully to the answers offered will give you more insights on how to interest this person in your product or service. In addition, you may discover some common areas of interest and this could certainly enhance your relationship right off the bat.

5. Make it matter.
Your product may have many benefits, however, they are worthless if the prospect doesn’t need them. Be able to constantly reframe those product benefits so that each prospect will understand the specific impact the product or service could have on his business. This can be determined by doing that so important homework before your meeting so that you better understand the needs of the prospect’s business and then can highlight those aspects of what you have to offer so that you will grab their interest and be more likely to make the sale.

Here is a unique way to think of selling: it is like a journey on which you are leading your customer like a tour guide. If the customer does not understand where you are headed or why he should come along, they will either choose not to take the trip or wander off in a different direction before you are through. All you have to do is get them excited about the destination, describe all the beautiful things to be observed along the way, and then be prepared to answer any questions they have so they feel safe and can enjoy the route. Again, a main key is learning what would enhance the prospect’s business so that you can adjust your “pitch” to suit their specific needs. If you do this you will be much more likely to close more sales.


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