5 Secrets to Effective Communication……The Communication Handbook

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Clear communication is such an important skill for every aspect of life that I decided to write a book: 5 Secrets of Clear Communication: how to build strong relationships at work, at home and at play.

The purpose of the book is to demystify the complexities of communication so that the reader can become more effective when conversing with others. Most of us think we know how to communicate because we have been doing it since we were born, however, what I have found in my work as a soft skills consultant and trainer is this: most people are NOT very good at it!
The structure of the book provides a full explanation of each of the 5 aspects included, offers examples, work scenarios, true stories and finally an exercise which allows the reader to try out what they have learned. The final page of each chapter offers a summary of the key takeaways for that topic.

The book describes 5 elements of communication and the introduction provides a definition for clear communication along with some background on why I wrote this handbook. The idea is that once the reader gains a fuller understanding of how effective communication works they will be able to communicate with impact, influence, and clarity.

1. Active Listening: the key communication skill comprises the first chapter. Examples, stories and a breakdown of this most important skill give the reader a deeper understanding of how to become a good listener.

2. Accountability: is a personal empowerment technique which offers the 3 options we have available to us for problem solving. None of which is easy, however those are our only choices.

3. Assertiveness: knowing what you want and asking for it in an honest and respectful manner is a continuation of accountability and teaches how to create a more successful outcome from a difficult conversation.

4. Gender Differences in Communication: how men and women communicate in very different ways, is explored and many humorous but familiar examples are included in this chapter.

5. Personality Typing: knowing the sort of person with whom we are having an exchange can give us insight in how we can adjust our communication style to be more impactful is covered in this final chapter.

Finally, I offer a summary of what is covered and challenge the reader to begin employing these most valuable skills in their daily lives so that they can reduce the conflict in their life, increase productivity, efficiency and creativity, as well as enhance the happiness factor in all that they do. Once they start practicing more effective techniques of communication; they will enjoy much more success in all aspects of their life; at home, at play, in volunteer situations, and of course, at work.


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