5 Keys for Successful Delegating

May 20, 2013 by  

One of the signs of a good leader is to delegate, delegate often and delegate appropriately.

How can one do that?
1. Use clear communication: be sure that the individual understands what is expected of them, the scope of their responsibility and the time frame in which this job is expected to be completed.
2. Assign the job not the work: do not micromanage….delegate the job and trust (if you have chosen the right person) that this team member can handle this project and allow them to do it their way. In this way you will empower them to be innovative.
3. Provide training: employees feel appreciated when they are offered an opportunity to either improve or upgrade current skills or to learn new ones. Your most valuable resource is your people…investing in them will bring returns.
4. Find out how to manage this person: as the individual how much support they would like and how often you should check back to see how they are doing. This is to let them know you are there if they need assistance.
5. Show appreciation: everyone likes to be acknowledged for their contribution. Be sure to thank them when the job is completed. If warranted, a small reward (bonus, time off, etc.) never hurts. Realizing that they have been appreciated and how their contribution was valued can greatly increase a person’s confidence and respect for you and the company.

When you empower people to do their jobs in their own way and do them well, the happiness factor in your workplace will greatly increase…when that happens the team productivity, efficiency and creativity also increase which will likely be reflected in your bottom line!


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