10 Ways to Become an Excellent Trainer

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In order to be considered a good trainer you need to be able to engage your audience and perpetuate that engagement throughout your session/s. This outcome requires preparation, ingenuity and curiosity. The more interactive you can make your presentations; the more retentive learning will occur in your training room…and the more both you and your attendees with enjoy the educational experience.
1. Stories are an excellent way to illustrate concepts.
People love stories and can relate to them as long as they resonate with why they are learning this strategy or how it can be applied to their situation. Anecdotes help us to understand the world around us and how it works. Story telling is an art, so refine this ability so that you will provide your students with memorable material.
2. How can you stand out from the crowd?
Dare to be different…present your concepts in an interesting manner. Establish your own style by appearing unique. Conjure up ways that will make yourself more un usual; think about what to wear, how to explain a topic, what visuals to use, what sorts of exercises to include. Be sure to make it all appropriate for the audience to which you will be speaking.
3. Provide Solutions.
People who come to a course are looking for a specific skill or fill a certain need. They have an issue and are looking for a resolution. Consider yourself a doctor who wants to help a patient overcome an illness or condition. Try to understand the problem, look for symptoms, search for the root causes, provide a possible diagnosis, and offer a treatment. Make the solution meaningful to the attendees with compelling reasons why they might consider adopting this approach.
4. Produce a Quality Class.
People admire quality and appreciate those who plan meticulously and systematically. Be sure your content is up to date and timely. Relate examples of the latest trends in the industry, show in depth analyses, charts or short videos that illustrate the complexity of the topic. This demonstrates your efforts toward helping the audience to understand the complex elements in a clear, simple and concise manner.
5. Communicate in a meaningful, engaging manner.
Training is about engaging others to the point so that they will actually compute the messages you are delivering in a way that will allow them to understand and remember what you have shared with them. Excellent training requires a great deal of preparation. You need to challenge them, entice them to begin with and then build on the module to grab and hold their attention. In order to keep them interested and focussed, you must exude enthusiasm and knowledge . Ultimately your goal is to bring them to a new understanding and possible acceptance of new habits.
6. Surprise Your Audience
In order to engage your audience, surprise is a great attention getter. Doing something unusual is memorable….if you can introduce an exercise, analogy or story that explains or demonstrates the concept in a surprising manner you will have a much better chance that your audience will remember the point.
7. Make Your Audience Laugh
Some topics can be dull or boring; if that is the case, the more entertaining you can be, the more likely they will stay engaged. People experience more retentive learning when they are enjoying the session.
8. Most People are Visual Learners
Images are much more memorable than words and people relate to them better, in fact your mind can recall images more easily than verbal descriptions. So, employ clip art, short videos, pictures, or props for anything with complex visual information. It will make the course more interesting and offer the attendees a better handle for remembering what was taught.
9. Use Metaphors in your Descriptions
Metaphors help people to better grasp a concept by relating one element to another one that is familiar to them. These examples provide free associations which enhance memory. This is another way to increase the retentiveness of your materials for the audience.
10. This is About Your Audience
Remember that your audience should be the focus of your training. Delivering training is not about you demonstrating how much you know about a particular topic, rather it is about helping your attendees to gain new knowledge and skills that you are able to make meaningful and valuable for them due to your expertise.

Being an Excellent Trainer, once again, involves a great deal of preparation and practice. Hone your personal presentation style, be engaging, entertaining and informative in ways that capture the interest and focus of your audience so that they will leave your session with new approaches to deal with the situations they face in their lives.


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