5 Keys to the Delivery of an Impactful Message

August 23, 2022 by  

Being able to get your intended message across can be more difficult than you might think. Most of you probably think that you know how to communicate because you have been doing it since you were born. However, unless you receive some honest feedback from the listener you cannot be absolutely sure that the communication was received and computed as desired. In addition, if the message was not heard, you will not enjoy the expected outcome. Miscommunication results in conflict, disappointment, resentment, and complaining, all of which cause you stress and lowered productivity, efficiency and creativity. Therefore, it is much more beneficial to learn how to communicate with impact, clarity, and influence.

Here are some keys to help you be more effective with interpersonal exchanges and presentations.
1. Consider the needs of your audience so that the “packaging” of your message will be enticing, engaging, and meaningful, as this will make it more likely that they will listen more intently.
2. Clearly outline the benefits of what you wish the audience to do because of the reasons for changing their behaviour or following your instructions make sense in a compelling manner to the listeners, again they will be more likely to do as suggested.
3. Always tell the truth, in that way you will truly be authentic, and honesty is the very best policy as the audience will sense your sincerity. This approach will also give you credibility which will speak to a better chance for the generation of voluntary compliance with your wishes. Besides, this also validates your expertise and competence which are more reasons for your audience to listen closely and do as you wish.
4. Have a clear goal in mind so that you can formulate your message appropriately to achieve that particular outcome. It is much easier to complete something when you know exactly what you are trying to accomplish.
5. Practice, practice, practice…new skills require the implementation of strategies and tools that will provide you with the desired outcomes, however, you can only accomplish those goals when you have mastered the techniques necessary to become an impactful communicator.
Finally, if you are to become an effective communicator, employing the elements described above will be a great help in achieving improved outcomes and less conflict in all aspects of your life.