4 Strategies for Successful Sales

May 18, 2022 by  

Probably one of the most important things to remember is this: sales are NOT about you, they are about the prospect. What does that mean? That means that you must follow a few simple rules in order to be successful and close more deals. People really hate to be sold but they truly love to buy. If you can provide them with some compelling reasons why your product or service will benefit them, why would they not buy!

Here are the elements to remember:
1. Do your homework: Research your prospect to discover what their needs might be, where they could be experiencing pain, how your product or service is going to make their life easier, more productive or improve their bottom line. Also, find out how to get to the decision-maker to save everyone time and avoid frustration.

2. Use Active Listening: The more you listen and ask questions, the better you will be able to determine exactly what they require. One cannot learn anything when you are talking and you cannot listen and talk at the same time….so listen more and talk less…this will more likely result in a sale.

3. Keep your Pitch Simple: Everyone is busy so arrive with a clear, concise presentation that gets right to the point. No one is interested in all the features, bells and whistles, just the bare bones of why and how this will solve their problem. If they want more details, they will ask for them.

4. Use Appropriate Language: Be sure to describe your product or service using terminology that your prospect understands. Most people are not verbal learners so if a picture will provide a simpler explanation, use it! Technical language that goes over the head of the potential customer does not impress them; rather it frustrates and confuses them…that will not lead to a sale!

If you are going to be productive as a salesperson, you need to create a simple, direct “roadmap” on which you guide your prospective customer toward the desired destination (your sale). Along the way, you point out the key benefits appropriate for their particular needs and answer any questions they may have to keep them engaged and satisfied.

Practice the suggested tips above and you will make more sales and have more success!