4 Ways to Dazzle Your Customers

October 29, 2019 by  

4 Ways to Dazzle Your Customers

There are two main elements to a customer service strategy: basic service and the individual’s service experience.

Basic service is the basic product or service you provide to the market. Without this basic service, you do not really have a business. Clean hotel rooms, accurate financial advice, working stereo systems and reliable cable service are all examples of basic service that is certainly expected by your customers.

Interestingly, customers expect your basic service to work all the time, and when it does they are happy with your business and would give you a passing grade on your service report card. Customer loyalty is unaffected by this unless it does stay constant.
The source of customer loyalty is the service experience; dazzling a customer will get you an ‘A’ on your service report card and they will keep coming back and will also tell everyone else how wonderful you are.
The objective, then, is to deliver your basic service seamlessly and consistently so you can dazzle and amaze your customers when you do it.

How does an organization create these “gasp-worthy” experiences?
1. Hire human being lovers. Can you dazzle a customer if your front liners have a fundamental dislike for humans? Certainly not! Creating memorable experiences for customers requires employees who want to serve and take care of people. They are more likely to do this well if they feel appreciated and acknowledged for their contributions to your organization. Nonetheless, when recruiting, you should have a way of determining if the candidate has this attribute.

2. Recover: fix it and do the unexpected. Service mistakes happen in any organization; what is most critical, however, is what you do when they occur. The amazing thing is that customers are more loyal after a successful service recovery than if the mistake never happened at all! How to recover?
Fix the mistake as quickly as possible and then amaze them by surprising them with something they definitely do not expect. You can do that by asking them what would make them happy, by thanking them for bringing this issue to your attention. What you want them to take away is not the mistake that happened, but how effectively and amazingly you fixed it for them.

3. Get rid of ‘dumb rules’. Do you have policies that don’t make sense to customers? The rules, policies, and procedures that aggravate customers are probably issues that need to be modified or removed if possible. You want to do that because the last thing you want to be doing is making your customers frustrated or unhappy. Seek out those issues by asking your frontline what they have the most complaints about and then do modify or get rid of those issues entirely so that they are no longer a constant source of aggravation.Policy creation should be driven from the customer’s perspective, not internal staff groups who are constantly in the control mode.

4. Bend those rules; empower your frontline to ‘say yes’ and provide the customer with what will make them happy. You can’t dazzle customers if your frontline is enforcing rules all the time with no consideration for whether or not the outcome is making the customer satisfied. Allow them some flexibility to bend the rule when it makes sense to do what the customer wants and delight them in the process. You will have a far better chance of retaining a customer that feels they were fairly or even “royally” treated after an unfortunate incident.

Organizations that build their culture around these 4 key attributes are much more likely to have long-time loyal customers who will not only keep coming back to your business, but they will also be likely to boast about your service to others.
So if you want to build a reputation for having the best customer service in your industry follow these approaches and you just might achieve that title.