3 Time Wasters that Give You Grief!

May 6, 2015 by  


We live in busy times when everything and everybody seems to be screaming for our attention. No matter where we turn, there’s always someone or something requiring our input, opinion, presence, or action, adding to our already painfully full plate. It seems to be harder than ever before to choose between necessary, important and extra. Yet, these are the choices we need to make.

1. Reactive living: Reactive living means going through life reacting to situations that happen as opposed to designing and planning the outcomes you want. It is sad and concerning how many people live their lives without purpose, direction and vision. Without vision you have no clear idea of where you are heading, therefore it is hard to be proactive and achieve desired goals. If you end up doing what you enjoy in life, it is more often a coincidence or “luck” rather than part of a plan. To live life without purpose and direction leaves you unprepared in everyday life situations. The problem with reactive living is that you can never accomplish anything except by chance. Reactive living keeps you busy, yet underachieving, concerned about what is coming next, and possibly stressed about life situations. Reactive living will definitely waste a lot of your time.

2. Lack of decisiveness: You might have the most inspiring vision; you might be excited to make it happen. Yet, if you lack decisiveness, you will waste loads of time. Weighing pros and cons, making decisions that you doubt right after creating them, and never taking action is a vicious circle that will keep you in an unproductive zone. Many people freeze when it comes to decision making. The best choice is to take a step, fall, get up, take another step, fall, get up again and try again. Just like you did so many times before – learning to sit, stand, walk, talk, or ride a bike. So make a decision and give yourself permission to fail. Just continue to move forward!

3. Disorganization: Have you ever wasted a day or two just because you couldn’t find something? Going on a rescue mission the day before a project is due is not fun. We all get upset and rarely finish the project on schedule. Disorganization gives you a stresses one out and lowers performance levels. You can lie to yourself about how good things are, but if you are not accomplishing the key elements necessary to move you closer to your goals, you will not be successful. There are systems and structures you can implement to make things better. Get the help you need, create a prioritized plan, and begin to execute it, and then your life will greatly improve.

If you wish to become more successful, productive, efficient and creative you need to learn to self-manage more effectively!