Communicate with Clarity, Impact & Influence

May 7, 2014 by  

Most people think that they are good communicators. They believe this because they have been communicating since they were born and feel they know what they are doing. Sadly most of us rarely get “what we want” following an exchange. So why do we think our outcomes are not as expected or desired?
Here is why….communication is exceedingly complex and few people understand those complexities well enough to be able to communicate well.

How many of us have given instructions to someone and expected a specific outcome as a result of the conversation? How many times have you not gotten what you wanted or even needed?
Here is why: “hearing is an ability, listening is an art.” Did you check with the other person to see if they actually “heard” the message you intended, processed it as you expected and concluded the correct action or outcome that you desired? If not, then you actually have no idea what they did hear or how they interpreted that message or determined what to do with the information.

Many interferences can occur which prevent our message from being received as intended and if we do not get some concrete feedback from the listener we honestly cannot know what went on in their head….unless of course you are a mind reader.

In addition, men and women do not communicate in the same manner either. Our brains are wired differently and chemically we function differently. Both issues affect the way we process information and share it. When we understand those differences we can create messages in the right format, at the right time and with the right style so that we will be heard and understood.

Ladies, ever called your male partner, son, father, brother at work and asked that a few errands be done on the way home? Did you get what you wanted? Not likely, but guess what that outcome was as much your fault, ladies, as it was his. He does feel badly, he remembers that you called, but has no idea what the call was about, he was working! And, you did not check to see if the timing was good, rather, assumed that since you told him what you wanted, he got the message!

Finally, different personality types need different styles of messages as well. If we understand the type of person with whom we are having a conversation, we can adopt the appropriate “style” for our information so that they will not only hear it, but it will make sense and so we will be more likely to get what we want.

These are just a few of the aspects of communication that I explore in my new book: 5 Secrets to Effective Communication. If you want to learn more, please feel free to purchase a copy from the site… will definitely help you to communicate with clarity, impact and influence.