How Good Are You at Delegation

January 16, 2013 by  

It is said that the best leaders delegate the most…how good are you at delegating?

The main reasons for not delegating are:
a) No one does it as well as I do. (control issue)
b) It takes too much time to teach someone to do it well enough. (worth the long term investment)
c) I will be rejected when I ask for help…so it will take too long to find someone else to do it. (lack of self confidence)
d) I will look bad if the person does a better job than I did. (you will actually look smart for choosing the right person for the job)

When should I delegate?

Ask these questions first…..
Do I need to do this myself?
How can I make better use of my time?
Can I delegate part of this?
Who besides me could do this?
Who might like to do this and be good at it?

How to be a good delegator:
1. Select the task to suit the person…. consider time frame, necessary training, & ability to complete the task. Base your choice on previous experiences, their strengths & the opportunity for growth. Finally, consider the desired outcomes & benefits to the individual.
2. Clearly communicate the job to gain commitment….discuss the importance & value of the job to the organization. Explain the benefits of accomplishing this job. Articulate the desired outcomes & time frame. Confirm understanding.
3. Support the employee…observe their progress & provide feedback as necessary. Review periodically & track progress. Validate completion of task.
4. Give recognition…..acknowledge the contribution. Sets the tone for future delegations.

The more you empower your team to make decisions the more you can delegate!