Speaking Charismatically

November 28, 2012 by  

Grabbing & holding your audience is most important if you are to be a successful presenter.

Here are 5 key elements to help make that happen:
1.Put a smile on your face….if you look happy and confident it is more likely that you feel how you look and it will certainly send a more positive message to your listeners.

2.Make eye contact….nothing is more persuasive or engaging than looking at whom you are speaking with…the more people you actually look directly at, for a couple of seconds while you are talking, the more likely they will feel connected to you and interested in what you are telling them.

3.Enjoy yourself……now I realize that most people are fearful of public speaking so the idea of having fun may seem extremely foreign. Nonetheless, if you are well prepared you will find that once you get into your presentation you will feel good about what you are doing and when you feel good that resonates with your audience. Confidence and passion make the listeners comfortable and it is your job, as the presenter, to keep your audience happy….you cannot accomplish that if you are not enjoying yourself!

4.Be passionate…..when you have energy about you because you are knowledgeable and thoroughly interested in your topic, you should have no trouble tweaking the interest and involvement of your audience…they will want to be engaged, they will be having fun learning because they will be caught up in your excitement.

5.Prepare well…..that means, know you material inside out and backwards….do NOT memorize your presentation. Learn the concepts well, be able to illustrate them with visual, compelling examples, good stories, and possibly exercises allowing the attendees to employ what they have learned and ask questions. In fact, invite their participation, if you are well prepared you will be able to answer most of those, and if not…throw it back to them or offer to research the answer and get back to the individual.

Public speaking can honestly be a lot of fun…one just needs to practice, practice, practice so that you can truly be relaxed and confident….and looking like you are actually enjoying yourself up there…that demeanour will infect your listeners positively and the results will be win/win for all of you!