What are the 10 Characteristics of a Highly Effective Team?

March 13, 2012 by  

Teams are the most important groups in organizations; their effectiveness usually determines the efficiency, productivity and creativity of the company. Without well functioning teams it is most difficult to be successful.
So what would that look like?

Here are the 10 key elements necessary for a High Performance Team:
1. Purpose: Members proudly share a sense of why the team exists and are interested in accomplishing its mission.
2. Priorities: Members know what needs to be done next, by whom, and by when, in order to achieve team goals.
3. Roles: Members know their roles for getting tasks done and when to allow a more capable member to do certain tasks.
4. Decisions: Authority and decision making lines are clearly understood.
5. Conflict: Conflict is dealt with openly and is considered important to decision-making and personal growth.
6. Personal Traits: Members feel their unique personalities and skills are appreciated and well utilized.
7. Risk: Members are able to share risky ideas and feel supported by the team rather than be criticized or sniped at.
8. Effectiveness: Members find team meetings efficient and productive and look forward to this time together.
9. Success: Members know clearly when the team has met with success and share in this equally and proudly.
10. Training: Opportunities for feedback and updating skills are provided and taken advantage of by team members.

The leadership of any team will determine the culture of its environment…with open communication, recognition, support, trust, and rapport, the team will thrive….Working together to reach common goals provides a synergism towards high achievement!