How to Avoid a Bad Day

February 18, 2012 by  

Every day when we get up we have a choice……We can choose to have a good day or we can choose to have a bad day.
If we choose to have a bad day… will be bad.
If we choose to have a good day….it will be good.

What is the difference?

Our attitude!
We cannot control many things that happen to us, but we can control our perception of those things and in so doing can ensure that we reduce our stress and enjoy our lives more.

Here are 10 possible solutions to remedy a bad day:
1. Try to find humour in the situation.  Making something amusing can change our brain chemistry and make us feel better. Some cultures actually employ laughter as a means of healing.

2. Move!  Activity also releases endorphins and increases our feelings of well being. So a little exercise is a good stress releaser.

3. Give the situation the attention it deserves.  Pick your battles, if it is an issue that needs resolution, deal with it. If it is a petty, silly matter, just let it go, life is too short to spent it stressing over insignificant trivia.

4. Make a list of the things you are grateful for.  We all have good things in our lives…celebrate them, remind yourself of how lucky you are!

5. Seek advice.  Talk to someone you trust, just being listened to will make you feel better and maybe they will have some additional suggestions for you to consider.

6. Thank someone! Constructive criticism may be hard to take sometimes but if we never make mistakes we will not learn much, as they are the growth opportunities from which we can reap great benefits.

7. Engage in a high focus activity.  This will take your mind to a new place and might even help you to accomplish one of your important goals.

8. Employ a spiritual GPS.  Sometimes situations need a higher power, guidance might be calming and when we are more relaxed we think more rationally so our problem solving skills are more effective.

9. Become accountable.   Ask yourself this, how did I contribute to this situation, and what can I do now?

10. Try this thought process: what can I stop, what can I start, what should I continue, and what should I change. Sometimes taking the time to examine how we are doing and strategizing how to do it better can be most enlightening.

So, adjust your attitude about your life and you will empower yourself to avoid a bad day.

Remember, if it is to be, it is up to me!