Soft Skills…what are they and why do we need them?

December 24, 2011 by  

In this uncertain economy, businesses are very careful how they spend their dollars. If looking for new hires they will likely find many potential candidates with similar educational backgrounds and work experience. So how will they choose from 20 viable resumes? Who will be the one most valuable to their organization?

That choice is usually the individual with the best soft skills. That does not mean that technical and professional skills are not key, they are, but what makes one stand out is something different and unique.

Here is why……
People with effective soft skills are self starters, good time managers and goal setters who are organized in their work habits.
They are excellent team players, open communicators, and make impressive presentations.
They form relationships based on trust, respect and rapport and usually problem solve using critical thinking and creativity.
Due to their understanding of others, they deal well with conflict and resolve those issues with more win/win outcomes.

If you could have someone in your company with those traits would they not be valuable to you? Of course they would.

Soft skills offer the opportunity to help advance your career, they are empowering, and they can open up new doors. Those traits can provide personal growth, leadership qualities that engender high performance in others, and increase mastery in one’s field….perhaps even to the expert level. When that occurs and when purpose also resonates, you will be happy in your work environment, enjoy your job and be more productive and efficient. Once more demonstrating that you would be a valuable asset to the team.