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5 Secrets to Effective Communication - Sandy Chernoff - Soft Skills for Success

Soft Skills for Success empowers people to achieve mastery and purpose!

Soft Skills for Success is a Vancouver based consulting and educational business providing interactive, customized soft skills programs to individuals, professionals, business people, and students.  These sessions solve “people problems” using various strategies, approaches, and tools that are created to suit the specific needs of the client.  A discussion interview is arranged to explore those issues in communication, leadership, change management, sales strategies, customer service, teamwork, etc.

Soft Skills training is the best strategy for the realization of one’s goals. We all do better when we listen more effectively, problem solve more efficiently and conduct our lives in an assertive, organized, and less stressful manner. A positive aura lifestyle produces a healthier, more successful, and better balanced person who is then able to interact capably in every aspect of his or her life.  Leaders who can clearly, openly, and honestly articulate their vision for their organization, commit to building and maintaining an internal culture based on respect, collaboration, autonomy, support, mastery, and purpose; will have happy, productive, efficient, and creative teams, better bottom lines, and a fun workplace that will ensure success and longevity.

Sandy Chernoff, a soft skills consultant, solves people problems by providing the necessary tools and strategies to reduce conflict, increase productivity, and create happiness. In discussion with her prospective clients, she determines the skills set necessary to deal with the difficulties faced by individuals and teams and can then design and deliver an appropriate program to address those identified needs and help people to become really good at their jobs.  Need help?  Contact Sandy and she will create a program to suit your specific needs.

Looking for an interesting, entertaining, and informative soft skills expert for your business, organization or conference? Please click here to see a list of current and upcoming presentations, click here to look at the various topic options or simply contact Sandy for more information or to arrange a discussion interview.